Topaz – Partner Case Study

Company Overview

With over 444 stations across the country, Topaz is Ireland’s largest fuel and convenience brand. The Topaz ethos for continuous improvement is encapsulated in their tagline ‘that’s better’. This standard is applied to the company direction and services. From their efficient fuels, to the Fairtrade coffee credentials, the Topaz goal is to do everything that little bit better for their customers.

The Challenge

Topaz, like most fuel providers had traditionally offered fuel discounts to corporate customers, but seldom had a unique consumer fuel incentive. Recognizing the opportunity for growth in this market Topaz wanted to connect with customers, offer something different and increase its market share.

Our platform and user database provided an opportunity for Topaz to reach a large network of professionals with a unique discount offer. The relationship provided Topaz with consistent revenues and an increase in market share. In 2016 the number of new customers coming from Wrkit began to plateau.

The Solution and Outcome

New ideas were explored and a new offer was trialled – 4c discount per litre. Our communications team created specialised content and developed a tailored communications plan to promote the offer, which include e-newsletters to a database of over 300,000 regular users.

According to Sharon Butler, Fuel Card Business Development Manager for Topaz, the company “saw growth of almost 60% in fuel card revenues during the first three months of the offer. These are the kind of figures you dream of but never expect”. Topaz also received 1,306 new applications for 1,652 fuel cards.