Wrkit Launches New Look Learning Centre

March 7th 2018: Wrkit launch new integrated learning centre.

Today, Wrkit has upgraded their clients to a new look learning centre. The update gives a more streamlined user journey and is one of several product design updates planned by Wrkit for the coming months.

While the learning content currently remains the same, the latest design accommodates an easier three click-journey for users. The umbrella module, Learning, features existing modules Easy Upskill and Learn Plus, with the potential to easily integrate future learning tools. Users can continue to utilise hundreds of online courses for less, upskilling in areas such as excel, photography and graphic design, or develop personal interests with courses in nutrition, wellbeing, writing and more.

Wrkit CEO, Katharina Callaghan commented in relation to the new update

“We are delighted to have merged our Learning offers under one roof. The new navigation is more fun and clearer through a simple 1,2,3 step approach.

Over the next few months the Wrkit platform will receive an overall facelift, continuing from our most recent updates to the Lifestyle Saving module. A clear, simple, colourful layout with encouraging messaging will enhance the user experience throughout our platform.”

Other design updates by the company are expected to go live from the end of March 2018.

If you have any questions regarding Wrkit products, please contact info@wrkit.com or +353 1 662 4170